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Three Easy Steps

Shipping Your Firearms is simpler than you may think

You might think shipping firearms is difficult. It's not, it's simple.
The easiest way to ship your firearms is to take them to a gun store and pay them to ship it for you.
If you prefer, it's perfectly legal for you to ship your firearm to National Secure Storage. Just follow the simple steps below.
Lock your firearm using trigger locks, cable locks, or any other method you like. YOU KEEP THE KEY.

Box your firearm for shipping. Boxes are available at most gun stores, sporting goods, online, or NSS can provide them. If you choose to ship using a "hard case", we will store it for $2/Mo.

You can include 2 magazines for no charge per firearm. Additional magazines are only 50 cents per month each.
Print your shipping label from the NSS website and affix it you your box.

Take your package to any shipping location. Check their policies for their firearms shipping rules pertaining to that carrier.

Click the logo below to view the various policies.

NSS will inspect and photograph your items.
Youitems will be vacuum sealed to protect them and bar coded for storage Your items will be placed in a secure underground storage facility. Climate controlled, HEPA filtrated air, low humdity, and quality monitored

Manage Account

NSS is committed to providing you a quality account interface. You will be able to manage each item individually, knowing the exact status at all times.

NSS understands that life can bring unanticipated changes. If you want your items returned, at anytime simply click the return button without penalty. If want to sell any of your items, NSS can handle that for you (Login to your account for more details) -- NSS is an authorized dealer and can facilitate the sale of any of your items.

Click the mark to manage your account.


National Secure Storage is proud to provide you our firearm storage service in one of the most secure locations in America. All precautions and safety measures have been made taken to ensure your items will remain absolutely safe. Our secret underground facility means your firearm will not only be safe, but will also be held in ideal environmental conditions to perfectly preserve the condition of your firearms.

Contact NSS

If you have questions or would like further information, let us know

(520) 603-1384
"To the devisive forces that would take freedom away. I want to tell you something: You can have my gun. You can pry it from my cold dead hands" - Charlton Heston

Take Action Today

Every firearm owner feels this way. Especially if you live in one of the states that have recently enacted anti-gun legislation. In these states, firearm owners are facing the sobering possibility of felony charges for simply possessing certain types of firearms. That could mean the loss of your freedom, your family, your job, even your career. New laws prevent possessing, loaning borrowing, selling, or using many popular firearms.

THERE IS A SOLUTION! These laws do not prevent "ownership" and they cannot enforce their laws outside the state. NSS was created as a safe place where firearm owners could store their firearms out of state for as low as $4.99 per month and get them back with the click of a mouse.

Many of these laws will be overturned, but it takes time. Protect your rights by storing them in our secure facility until it's safe to bring them back home. The videos below will help you understand the issues for these restrictive states, medical marijuana rules, and more.